Municipal election: Aoun may ask Hezbollah chief to abandon Berri


Kuwaiti Newspaper al Qabas reported on Friday that Free patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun is awaiting the Municipal election battle in Jezzine, south Lebanon to offer Hezbollah chief 2 options: ‘Either abandon your ally ( speaker Nabih ) Berri or consider our memorandum of understanding ( MOU) of February 6, 2006 as canceled.”

In a statement Thursday Berri’s press office asserted that he ( Berri) will not interfere in the elections in Jezzine” and the areas surrounding it.

The statement alos refuted allegations by former MP Mustapha Alloush in which he said that the March 14 forces had allied themselves with Berri’s AMAL movement in Jezzine.

There was never an alliance, neither declared nor “under the table between March 14 alliance and Berri, especially in Jezzine,” it added.



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