Municipal election: Consensus agreement in Zghorta collapsed


mouawad michel 2

A compromise agreement between Marada Movement leader Suleiman Franjieh and head of the Independent Movement Michel Moawwad has collapsed, leaving the stage open for an election battle in Zghorta in north Lebanon.

Franjieh has voiced reservations after the two sides agreed to form a coalition based on parliamentary election results in Zghorta where Franjieh would get two-thirds of the seats in return for one-third to Moawwad and his supporters.

According to information made available to Naharnet, the issue to Moawwad is not one related to municipality, but the Union of Zghorta District Municipalities which amounts to 31 municipalities.

Agreement has been reached between Franjieh and Moawwad on bringing consensus candidate Habib Tarabay to head the Union of Zghorta Municipalities.

But Franjieh changed his mind and refused to settle the issue.

Local media had said Zghorta was headed toward consensus between the two men based on 13 seats for Franjieh and 7 for Moawwad. Naharnet