Lebanon minister:March 14 won 75% of Mukhtar elections in Beirut 1


michel  faraon - MP , ministerLebanon’s Minister of State Michel Pharaon said during an interview with LBCI television that March 14 alliance won 75-percent of the votes in Sunday’s Mukhtar elections in Beirut’s first district, which comprises of the Ashrafieh, Rmeil and Saifi neighborhoods.

March 14 won all 12 Mukhtar seats in Ashrafieh as well as all four seats in Saifi, he said, adding that the Tashnaq Party won seven seats in Rmeil while March 14 grabbed the other four seats.

The Tashnaq Party’s success in Rmeil proves that the Free Patriotic Movement’s presence in the district is marginal, Pharaon also said.



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