Mitri: The cabinet rejected the resignation of Shehade


cabinet meeting 050510-Lebanon’s Information Minister Tarek Mitri briefed the press following Tuesday’s cabinet session at Baabda palace which was chaired by president Michel Suleiman

Dr. Kamal Shehade

The cabinet rejected the resignation of The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority chairman and CEO, Dr. Kamal Shehade, who submitted his resignation last month.

Taanayel, Mrayjat

The cabinet approved the proposal of PM Hariri over postponing the municipal election in Taanayel and Mrayjat ( Beqaa district) because many candidates withdrew their candidacy

Mt Lebanon elections

The president praised the Ministry of Interior and the army for the smooth Municipal elections in Mt Lebanon

Ketermaya crimes

The president and the Prime minister condemned the Ketermaya incident and called for proper measures against the people who participated in Mohammed Salim Mosallam ’s murder.


The president briefed the cabinet about his trip to Brazil . Called for serious follow-up on the complaints and suggestions of the Lebanese-Brazilians and for strengthening the relations with them

Oil and solid waste

The president praised the accomplishments of the committees that are studying the issues of oil and solid waste