Aoun: I don’t know who defeated me in Jbeil


aoun angryFollowing the weekly meeting of the Change and Reform bloc , its leader MP Michel Aoun briefed the media.

Commenting on his loss in Jbeil Municipality election he said :

I do not know who defeated me in Jbeil and I also do not know whom I defeated in Hadath.

When they look into the reasons behind the FPM loss in Jbeil , they will know what exactly happened.

Can anyone tell us who really won in Jbeil? Because they were not able to attribute the victory to anyone there.

Regarding his visit to Jbeil which was blamed for politicizing the election he said :

I have the right to visit whomever I want to in Jbeil. I visited Jbeil [on Sunday] and asked the people to vote freely, because I felt they were somehow pressured.

He added : President [Michel Suleiman] is not allowed to use private institutions to help some parties during the Jbeil elections .

Aoun attacked the Byblos bank :” We condemn Byblos Bank, which claimed we did not allow [certain] people to run for Jbeil elections.”

Commenting on the election last Sunday he said:

” I refuse to say that holding the municipal elections on time is an achievement, because the real success consists in holding elections on time with reforms [to the municipal law].”

Commenting on the upcoming elections in Beirut and Beqaa he said :

“We are taking part in the municipal elections [on Sunday] throughout the Bekaa district , except for in Zahle. he added : We are nominating one candidate to see who the people will vote for. We nominated Antoine Abi Younes to lead Zahle’s municipality as a means for referendum.

Commenting about his relations with Elie skaff he said:

– Skaff is still a friend but not an ally.

Commenting on the upcoming meeting with MP Michel Murr he said:

The meeting with Murr has not yet been set.

Commenting on the meeting he was supposed to have with PM Hariri with regards to Beirut municipal election he said :

“The meeting with Hariri has been canceled, because its purpose was to reach consensus in Beirut, and this failed.” He added

” We’re heading toward boycotting the municipal elections in Beirut after their rejection of dividing the capital into electorates and their rejection of proportional representation; and we reject begging.”