Analysis of the results of 2010 Mt Lebanon Municipal elections


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Initial reading on the vote in Mount Lebanon Municipal election according to Central News Agency ( al Markazieh ) sources reveals significant fall in the popularity of Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) which is headed by MP Michel Aoun. This decline in popularity could have reportedly been much worse had it not been for the consensus alliances FPM joined in some areas , CNA reported


For instance Jbeil , considered a stronghold of Aoun and where the general fought the battle directly the results showed significant fall in the popularity of FPM in favor of the coalition of the Lebanese Forces, Dr. Faris Soueid , Phalange party and independents .

CNA said the results in Amsheet, Jbeil , Aakourah and Qurtoba towns , where FPM was defeated speak for themselves .


In Metn district the results also revealed significant fall in popularity of FPM in favor of the coalition of the Lebanese Forces, Phalange party, Michel Murr and independents . FPM won in Metn only in the areas where it was in a coalition with either the Phanage, Lebanese Forces or Murr or all the three CNA sources reported .

In Sin el Fil FPM lost against the list supported by the Lebanese Forces and the Phalange party , in Zalka FPM lost against March 14 , in Antelias lost against a coalition between Murr and March 14 and in Beit Shebab lost against March 14 .

In southern Metn FPM lost against March 14, in Furn el Subbak FPM lost against a coalition of March 14 , in Kfarshima and Arayya March 14 won against FPM


In Jounieh Aoun’s list won the 2004 municipal election but this time around the list supported by FPM lost against supported by the Lebanese Forces . In Zouk Mkeyel FPM lost against the Lebanese Forces and in Harajel FPM lost against a coalition of the Lebanese Forces with the leading families of the town. In Al Bowar, Ashkout, Qulaiat , Shanaeer and Debeta FPM lost against March 14 alliance . FPM lost also in Jeita against a coalition of Lebanese Forces and Samir Baroud .FPM won directly only in Al Okaybe, CAN reported


In Aley district the consensus lists won , while in Bhamdoun Mhatta ( station) FPM won . In Ain Dareh and Reshmayya March 14 coalition won against FPM


The overall results reveal a victory for March 14. Deir al Qamar ( where FPM was in a coalition with PSP) and in the Christian areas of Iqleem el Kharoub the Lebanese Forces and Phalange party coalition won against the lists supported by FPM. In Damour where FPM was in coalition with independents and PSP won , while FPM lost in Naameh, Serhbal and Ammiq against a Lebanese Forces coalition ,

General Aoun had in the past claimed that he represented over 70 % of the Christians , but the 2009 parliamentary elections showed that his popularity was way off. The Municipal elections reconfirmed that the popularity of FPM ‘s chief continues its free-fall .

aoun branded a liarObservers attribute the continuous drop in Aoun’s popularity to his alliance with the Iranian and Syrian backed Hezbollah group, which has been blamed for the 2006 war with Israel and for the violence that followed the war .

The results of the Mount Lebanon municipal elections will weaken General Aoun’s position during his negotiations with various parties regarding consensus lists . In Beirut many described Aoun’s terms and conditions prior the MT Lebanon elections as “impossible”

The Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections said the vote was calm, though there were few accounts of campaign advertisement violations.

The election group said it supervised campaigns in about 25 percent of the municipalities in Mount Lebanon and 10 percent of all of the polling stations.

“The elections were very organized in the first hours and were in accordance with the law,” the election group said in a statement.



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