Syria, Lebanon reject AL call for indirect talks with Israel


Syria and Lebanon rejected the Arab peace initiative follow-up committee’s statement over Israeli-Palestinian indirect talks launch, Syria’s representative to the Arab League Youssef Ahmad said Saturday, stressing that the US did not provide any assurances which would give the negotiations more credentials.

“This committee has exceeded its authority and given the Palestinians the green light to start indirect talks without the Israelis taking steps on the ground,” Ahmed said.

Ahmad, speaking after the committee said in a statement it backed the indirect talks’ launch, said that they did not perceive any of these assurances by the US to the Palestinian side, particularly since “the US administration proved that it is incapable when it comes to promises made for the Arabic side.”

The Syrian official added that “a number of Arab countries expressed different views on the committee statement, however the Syrian and Lebanese views were identical on such issue,” noting that Damascus and Beirut are major countries in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Ahmad added if Arab countries took a clear stance based on Arab basic needs for the Arab world, they could have received better assurances upon which the Palestinian authority would have negotiated.

It is not clear why Lebanon sided with Syria in rejecting the Arab peace initiative. Lebanese FM who attended the meeting did not make any statement over explaining the Lebanese position.




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