Torsarkissian: FPM not allowed to impose its conditions in Beirut Municipal election


torsarkisianMarch 14 MP Serge Torsarkissian told MTV television on Saturday that the Beirut MPs will not allow the party that failed to be elected in the 2009 parliamentary elections to impose its conditions on the creation of a candidate list for municipal elections. He was referring to Free Patriotic Movement (FPM)

Torsarkissian said deliberations with spiritual leaders and parties – including the Phalange , the Lebanese Forces, the Henshag and the Tashnaq – over the selection of the 12 Christian candidates for Beirut’s municipal council have already begun.

According to Torsarkissian, Minister of State Michel Pharaon is negotiating with the Tashnaq to reach an agreement over the council’s three Armenian seats.

Similarly MP Nadim Gemayel said FPM must negotiate with us because we’re the legitimate representatives of Beirut.