Syria denies supplying scuds to Hezbollah


scud missileThe Syrian Embassy in Washington denied that Damascus transferred Scud missiles to Hezbollah in Lebanon, the London-based Al-Hayyat reported.

“This is an Israeli attempt to divert international attention from its construction of settlements, its occupation of Arab lands, its nuclear arsenal, and the fact that it continues to arm itself with American weapons,” an embassy statement said.

In Damascus a Foreign Ministry statement said:

“For some time now, Israel has been running a campaign claiming that Syria has been supplying Hezbollah with Scud missiles in Lebanon,” and the statement added:

“Israel is seeking to create a climate that will pave the way for an eventual Israeli attack to avoid responding to the demands of a just and comprehensive peace.”

The US voiced alarm about the Israeli reports on Wednesday, warning any such deliveries to Hezbollah would put Lebanon at “significant risk.”

Yesterday the state department spokesman Philip J. Crowley told the press:

“We are concerned about it. And if such an action has been taken – and we continue to analyze this issue – it would represent a failure by the parties in the region to honor UN Security Council Resolution 1701. And clearly, it potentially puts Lebanon at significant risk. We have been concerned enough that in recent weeks, during one of our regular meetings with the Syrian ambassador here in Washington, that we’ve raised the issue with the Syrian Government and continue to study the issue. But obviously, it’s something of great concern to us.”