Booby-Trapped Grenades Detonated in Chtaura, Tyre


Lebanese army experts on Friday detonated a booby-trapped hand-grenade that was ready to go off in Chtaura in east Lebanon and another in the southern port city of Tyre.

A Lebanese army communiqué said the grenade was found before midday Friday opposite Zoghbi Center in Chtaura.

Five containers filled with gasoline lay beside the grenade, the statement added.

It said army explosive experts detonated the device in place.

The army opened an investigation into the incident, the communiqué said.

Voice of Lebanon reported that the grenade was found inside a black bag opposite the office of “Zahle in the Heart” MP Assem Araji.

After midday, the state-run National News Agency said Lebanese army experts also defused a hand-grenade that was planted on the main al-Hawsh-Ain Baal road in Tyre.

It said the grenade, which was tied to a wire, was set to explode.



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