Jumblatt, Arslan decided to form electoral alliance


National News agency (NNA) has reported that PSP Secretary-General Sharif Fayyad announced Tuesday his group’s decision to “cooperate” at the regional and national levels as well as in all fields with Talal Arslan’s Lebanese Democratic Party, including cementing an electoral coalition.

“Together we will face up to upcoming challenges against the region and we will confront difficulties at the national and regional levels,” Fayyad said during a meeting between the two parties held at the Progressive Socialist Party headquarters in Beirut.

“We shall work together in Cabinet and join efforts in Parliament as well as cooperate in the forthcoming municipal elections,” Fayyad stressed.

In turn, Democratic Party Secretary-General Walid Barakat pointed to the historical role of Arslan and Jumblatt which “contributed to the establishment of a national unity government.”