Lebanon’s IM briefs the media about the cabinet meeting


Lebanon’s Information Minister Tarek Mitri briefed the media following cabinet session at the Baabda palace


President Suleiman discussed stability in Lebanon despite recent political developments, calling for accelerating the cabinet’s work in implementing the Ministerial Statement.

Suleiman also discussed the Arab League Summit, particularly its mechanism to resolve inter-Arab differences, to help preserve the identity and Arabism of Jerusalem and to support Lebanon and countries suffering from occupation.


PM Hariri informed the cabinet about his recent visit to Bulgaria to improve bilateral economic relations and increase available opportunities for Lebanese investment in Bulgaria. He transmitted the Bulgarian PM’s support to Lebanon and to Palestinians. Hariri said he invited the Bulgarian PM to visit Lebanon.


The cabinet discussed the issue of nightlife in Gemmayzeh and the Tourism Ministry’s decision to close 9 illegally-operating pubs after they received a warning.

Waste management

The cabinet decided to form an environmental commission to offer the cabinet suggestions on ways to manage solid waste in Lebanon. The commission will be headed by Prime Minister Saad Hariri and will include Minister of the Displaced Akram Chehayeb, Minister of State for Administrative Decentralization Mohammad Fneish, Minister of the Interior Ziad Baroud, Finance Minister Rayya al-Hassan and Head of the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR) Nabil al-Jisr as its members.



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