Syrian media: Hariri heading to Damascus April 13


Syrian media sources reported that Lebanon’s PM Saad Hariri is heading to Damascus on April 13 and will be accompanied by a government delegation .

According to the sources joint meetings under the chairmanship of Hariri and his Syrian counterpart will take place to discuss various pending issues, including economic and trade cooperation as well as the Treaty of Brotherhood, Cooperation and Coordination between the two countries.

Syrian President Bashar Assad will also meet Hariri to follow-up on issues that had been discussed during Hariri’s first visit last December.

The Lebanese Cabinet to discuss the agenda of Hariri’s upcoming visit.

Al-Hayat newspaper quoted a Syrian official as saying that development of Lebanese-Syrian relations necessitates decisions by both sides to provide the support needed to strengthen the role of state institution.

According to the official what matters most to the Syrian leadership is to get assurances that no infiltration of Mossad networks is taking place across its border with Lebanon.



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