Khoury: Legal and ethical limits are being crossed


President Michel Suleiman’s political adviser, Nazem Khoury, told Future News on Wednesday criticisms against the Lebanese president have gone too far.

He was referring to former minister Wiam Wahab’s call last week for Michel Suleiman’s resignation.

Wahab a staunch ally of Syria attacked President Michel Suleiman last Wednesday and and called on him to resign for allegedly failing to govern the country.

Following talks with Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun in Rabiyeh, Wahab said the president should resign “because after two years of rule we feel like we are in the last days of the presidency.”

“We have freedom of expression [in Lebanon], but legal and ethical limits are being crossed,” Khoury said.

Public figures that defended Suleiman did so on their own initiative, and the people do not expect Suleiman to respond to the criticism, he added.

Khoury refused to comment on Wahab’s statement that the national dialogue sessions will not yield results. All-party talks “are necessary” but they cannot include “everyone who wishes to attend” the dialogue, he said.



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