Aoun: The US has not chnaged its policy on Lebanon


Change and Reform bloc leader MP Aoun told reporters after the bloc meeting in Rabieh:

“The US has not changed its policy on Lebanon. When the US rejects Palestinian naturalization, informs Israel that naturalization is not a solution, stops treating certain Lebanese in a bad manner and cancels its security measures on Lebanese travelers, then we can say a change has been made. However, promises are ineffective. ”

Regarding Lebanon’s participation in the Arab summit in Libya he said:

“All possibilities will be discussed during Wednesday’s cabinet session. We should decide one way or the other whether we should boycott or participate .”He added : “We should in any case ask the Libyan government to give us information about the disappearance of Lebanon’s Shiite leader Imam Moussa Sadr in 1978.”

Regarding municipal election he said: “We refuse to have Beirut as a single district during the [June municipal] elections.”

Regarding the attack by former minister Wiam Wahab against the president following his meeting with Aoun, the FPM leader said our ” OTV station denied during the same night our connection to the issue”



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