MP Jaber: Lebanon may cut off ties with Libya


Amal Movement MP Yassine Jaber told Voice of Lebanon that Lebanon should act in response to “Libya’s insult to the country, its president and people. If the insults continue, there is a possibility that Lebanon will cut off its diplomatic ties with Libya,” he added.

“Every Lebanese is insulted by Libya’s conduct,” said Jaber. He added that such behavior was expected from the Libyan regime, which he said failed to shoulder its responsibilities in the case of prominent Shiite Imam in Lebanon Moussa Sadr who disappeared in Libya over thirty years ago.

Sadr , who was the founder of the Amal Movement, flew to Tripoli in 1978 for a week of talks with Libyan officials , but disappeared while he was there.

Instead of delivering the invitation directly to the president, like the rest of the Arab leaders , Libya sent it to the Lebanese Ambassador to Syria Michel Khoury on Monday . Khoury refused to receive the invitation to the Arab League Summit which is scheduled to take place on March 27 and 28.

Jaber said that President Michel Suleiman did the right thing in directing Khoury to refuse Libya’s invitation.

Several Shiite leaders, including Speaker Nabih Berri, called for boycotting the summit, saying that Libya should provide information regarding Sadr’s disappearance.

Jaber denied earlier reports that the Shiite ministers will withdraw from the cabinet should Lebanon participate in the summit.



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