Lebanon’s PM: Only the state decides on foreign and local policies


During a Friday interview with Kuwait newspapers , Lebanon’s PM Saad Hariri stressed that only the state decides on foreign and local policies and reiterated that only death would separate him from his allies in the March 14 forces.

“The Lebanese state represented by the president, the prime minister and the cabinet is the one that decides foreign and local policies,” Hariri told reporters

In response to a question about Hezbollah leader’s visit to Damascus and meeting with Iranian leader he said :

“The presence of Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in Damascus is his concern,” he said. “Why would we interfere in the issue? A lot of personalities visit Syria and other Arab countries.”

The prime minister reiterated that “only death would separate him” from his allies in the March 14 coalition. Although he didn’t deny there were “some differences with his allies over certain issues,” he said: “Eventually, each party takes its decision in the midst of the different points of view.”

On the National dialogue talks in Baabda palace, Hariri told the reporters that since President Michel Suleiman invited Lebanese leaders to the national dialogue table, he is entitled to decide on whether the Arab League should participate or not.

The March 14 secretariat has called for Arab League participation in the dialogue talks but many in the alliance were opposed to the idea , in addition to March 8 alliance.

“The national dialogue will discuss the defense strategy and (verbal) threats by Israel … When we talk about Israel we don’t only discuss the Lebanese issue but also the Arab cause,” the prime minister said.

He stressed on “the importance of national unity to confront Israeli threats,” saying “war could destroy Lebanon, but what finishes it off is internal division.”