Surprises during the vote for administrative appointments


Yesterday we learned that the cabinet approved the following administrative appointments:

– Former Cabinet Minister Khaled Qabbani as head of the Civil Service Council.

– Judge Aouni Ramadan as President of the Audit Bureau.

– Judge Judge Akram Baasiri as head the Judicial Inspection Committee.

But today we found out how these appointments were made

Following a heated debate, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri insisted that the appointments be made by a majority vote of the Cabinet.

Those who voted in favor were the ministers representing Future Movement, Progressive Socialist Party, AMAL, Lebanese Forces and Phalange Party.

Three ministers from Michel Aoun’s Change and Reform bloc voted against the appointments while the two Hezbollah ministers abstained from voting.

The big surprise was when the Tashnag Cabinet Minister Abraham Dedeyan, who is a member of Aoun’s bloc, voted in favor of the appointments . It was the deciding vote.

20 Cabinet ministers voted in favor

The cabinet is scheduled to hold an extraordinary session on Thursday to approve other appointments

Yesterday the cabinet also approved a proposal by Energy and Water Minister Jebran Bassil to stop subsidizing diesel oil. According to Basil the subsidy is benefiting mainly the traders

“Minister Bassil will submit suggestions in the next session aimed to help citizens and reduce their fuel expenses,” Information Minister Tareq Mitri said.



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