Karami withdraws from the March 8 alliance


Lebanon’s former PM Omar Karami declared non Tuesday his withdrawal from the March 8 alliance, noting: “I’m in an ‘independent’ opposition and I hold onto my principles.”

Commenting after a meeting with former minister Wiam Wahab, Karami said that “the dialogue committee will have no ‘flavor,’” and warned it “would be defused faster than you may think, unless the mulled defensive strategy aims at preserving resistance’s arms in the face of Israeli threats.”

Karami added: “The viewpoints of the March 14 camp, especially its Christians, are well-known: They want to offer an immediate service to Israel.” However, he added: “This won’t happen.”

“It is well-known that U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is a U.S. agent and the U.S. only cares for Israel,” he added.



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