Unity lacking for U.N. sanctions against Iran


As many as four countries may refuse to support an expected United Nations resolution imposing new sanctions against Iran, threatening a setback for Western efforts to show a unified international effort, according to foreign diplomats close to the issue.

China’s dislike for sanctions is well known. But in addition, U.N. Security Council members Brazil, Turkey and Lebanon have signaled that they may abstain from a vote this year on new punitive measures, diplomats say. The sanctions, which would be the fourth round since 2006, are aimed at pressuring Tehran to abandon its nuclear ambitions.

For Lebanon, the possibility of sanctions has put the country’s fragile government in a difficult position.

The government’s Western supporters, including the United States and France, would like its support for the resolution. But neighboring Syria and the Iranian-supported Hezbollah militia in Lebanon are strongly opposed, leaving Lebanese officials hoping to avoid the issue altogether. LAT



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