Aoun considers himself “Saint Maroun the Second”


National Liberal Party leader Dori Chamoun on Thursday strongly criticized both Druze leader Walid Jumblat and Free Patriotic Movement chief Michel Aoun, calling them “pillars” of the Syrian government.

Aoun and Jumblat “have become pillars of the Syrian regime,” Chamoun said in an interview with the weekly Al-Masira magazine.

He believed Jumblat should quit representing the nation and called on him to give up his Lebanese identity so long as he rejects the slogan “Lebanon first.”

Chamoun also criticized Aoun’s visit to the Shouf Mountains, calling it a “failure.”

“Jumblat wanted through openness to Aoun to create a balance with the Christians of March 14 forces,” Chamoun thought.

He said Aoun considers himself “Saint Maroun the Second,” adding that the FPM leader sought to visit the Chamoun family cemetery “not in honr of President Camille Chamoun, but is search of popularity.”



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