Aoun: Beirut Municipality should be divided like Paris


Following the weekly meeting of Change and Reform bloc its leader MP Michel Aoun told the media:

“Proportionality provides right representation to a certain extent, but it is not useful in services because one municipality in Beirut will not offer services to all people equally. Beirut should be divided into districts, like Paris Municipality.”

” We will prepare a reform plan for every town and we invite everyone to cooperate with us. Whatever the reform plan, everyone must be cooperative in implementing it, and we will engage positively with all of those who want to cooperate with us regardless of their political affiliation ”

Aoun denied that the popularity of his Free Patriotic Movement is declining.

He said that the bloc also discussed the agenda of his upcoming visit to MP Walid Jumblatt in Mukhtara Shouf.

The media office of the FPM distributed the agenda of Aoun’s visit to the Shouf region on Saturday February 20 . It includes a stop at the graves of the late President Camille Chamoun and his son Dany Chamounin in Deir el Qamar , a stop at a church in Deir al Qamar to meet the local residents , and a visit to Beiteddine after his visit to Jumblatt in Mukhtara.

Fouad Saad a key member of Jumblatt’s Democratic gathering bloc said that he will not participate in the meeting with Aoun in Mukhtara even though he is always present in Mukhtara.