Mitri: Will wait for the investigation of ET409 crash


Lebanon’s Information Minister Tarek Mitri briefed the media following the cabinet meeting at the Serail.

He said that no decision has been taken yet regarding calling off the search for the victims of the Ethiopian plane , adding that “We have not had any additional information regarding the second black box (the cockpit voice recorder ) ”

Mitri , in his statement again denied rumors about possible act of sabotage behind the crash of the Ethiopian plane stressing “we have said from day one that there is no evidence whatsoever pointing to a terrorist attack behind the crash, “he said,”

Mitri said : The Ethiopian Commission of Inquiry has the right to say whatever it wants but there is no evidence to suggest any sabotage . In any case we will continue to wait for the results of the investigation, in order to reveal the truth about this incident to the public . ”



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