Israeli FM tells Hariri: Hezbollah killed your father


During an interview with Israel’s Army Radio, Israeli ultra-nationalist Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Wednesday fired back at PM Saad Hariri over his BBC interview.

“As prime minister, he’s simply a hostage of Hezbollah, which has veto power in his Cabinet,” Lieberman said

“Hezbollah killed his father, former premier Rafik Hariri,” added Lieberman.

Asked whether there might be a new war involving Lebanon and Syria, Lieberman said: “I very much hope not.”

Speaker Nabih Berri addressed the escalation in Israeli threats against Lebanon, Syria, and the Palestinians during his Wednesday’s weekly discussions with the MPs.

Answering a question on the remarks of Lieberman and his accusation that Hezbollah assassinated former premier Rafik Hariri, Berri described the accusation as “desperate.”

“After that statement, we became confident that you have an essential role in assassinating the unity of Lebanon,” Berri told Lieberman.

Lieberman may have been referring to the May 2009 report of the German Der Spiegel magazine in which it revealed that Hezbollah was behind Hariri’s assassination and not Syria.



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