ET409 crash: One black box recovered


In a surprise turn of events, one of the two plane recorders ( black boxes ) has been recovered from the  Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed off the coast of Lebanon last month killing 90 people, the Lebanese army said on Sunday.”The Lebanese navy has recovered a black box from the Ethiopian plane and it has been transported to Beirut naval base to be handed over” to crash investigators, the army said in a statement.Earlier Sunday the army  the Lebanese army has announced that the tail of the crashed Ethiopian plane flight ET409 was recovered but the black boxes were not  inside.

It is not clear whether the black box found is the flight data recorder (FDR) (also called ADR, for accident data recorder) which is used to record specific aircraft performance parameters ( located in the tail) or the cockpit voice recorder (CVR), which records conversation in the cockpit, radio communications between the cockpit crew and others (including conversation with air traffic control personnel), as well as ambient sounds. The CVR is usually located in the cockpit.



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