Hezbollah official: No sign of a war, but we are ready


Sheikh Naim Qassem , deputy Hezbollah leader told told Syria’s Addounia TV, that the party hasn’t received any indications of Israeli readiness to launch war on Hezbollah or in the region.

“Israel is a real danger; we can’t be reassured; we have to be in full preparedness (for war). We don’t know when surprises would come or what could happen regionally and internationally,” Qassem said

In response to a question about Hezbollah arms he said:

“There is no resistance without arms. Weapons are the result of the resistance’s existence and the resistance is there because of the presence of the enemy.”

Qassem took credit for Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s visit to Damascus, saying Hezbollah encouraged him to go which he said shocked March 14 alliance

Qassem criticized Egypt : “The Egyptian regime has its own method of operation and we don’t approve of such a method .”

Egypt has reportedly discovered a Hezbollah terrorist cell in Egypt last year. The trial of 26 Hezbollah members of the cell was recently postponed till February 20.

The prosecution last month demanded the death sentence for the Hezbollah cell members.

Qassem may be playing down the Israeli threat, because according to Saudi Okaz newspaper, Hezbollah officials have been on alert in all Lebanese regions in anticipation of a possible Israeli attack.