Assad:Israeli leaders are behaving like children


In an interview with The New Yorker on Thursday, Syrian President Bashar Assad accused Israel of fighting like children, when asked about prospects of peace in the Middle East.

“I have half a million Palestinians and they have been living here for three generations now. So, if you do not find a solution for them, then what peace you are talking about?” he said.

On the prospects of peace between Israel and Syria, Assad said that “if they say you can have the entire Golan back, we will have a peace treaty. But they cannot expect me to give them the peace they expect…. You start with the land; you do not start with peace.”

Speaking about the Israeli leadership, Assad said, “You need a special dictionary for their terms…. They do not have any of the old generation who used to know what politics means, like Rabin and the others. That is why I said they are like children fighting each other, messing with the country; they do not know what to do.”



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