Arslan calls for unification of Druze spiritual leadership


In the Lebanese Druze community there are 2 spiritual leaders who are called Sheikh al Aql : Nasr Eddin Al-Gharib who was appointed by MP Talal Arslan and Naim Hassan who was legally elected by the Druze community based on a law regulating the Druze faith issued by the Lebanese parliament in September 2006.

Usually the community is supposed to have only one Sheikh al Aql.

MP Talal Arslan according to al Akhbar newspaper is calling for unification of this position as part of the reconciliation within the Druze community and Jumblatt has reportedly said he had no problem with this. Arslan does not recognize the 2006 law regulating the Druze faith , on the other hand the Lebanese government does not recognize Sheikh Gharib , because he was not legally elected.

Jumblatt said he wants to preserve the dignity of Sheikh Gharib and will resolve this issue diplomatically with Arslan. Lebanon Files



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