Hezbollah doesn’t trust Jumblatt with Strategy; Fears another policy shift


Deputy head of Hizbullah’s politburo Mahmoud Qamati said the Shiite group does not rule out that Druze leader Walid Jumblat will not re-shift his strategy. “There is no guarantee that Jumblat will not change his policy in the future,” Qamati said in an interview published Thursday by the Kuwaiti daily Ad-Dar. He pointed out that Hizbullah deals with Jumblat on a “daily” basis.

“We don’t deal with him at the strategic level,” Qamati explained. He uncovered that during his private meetings with Hizbullah, Jumblat would tend to be self-criticizing, admitting that he has erred in betting on the United States.

Following the interview, Qomati issued a statement condemning Kuwaiti newspaper, saying his statements to the daily were taken out of context.

“Hezbollah’s relationship with the PSP is going from good to better,” the statement said.