Hezbollah denies using drug trafficking to fund its activities


Hezbollah issued a statement on Tuesday denying the report issued by German magazine Der Spiegel that the German police suspected Hezbollah of drug trafficking in Europe to fund some of its activities against Israel.

“The party categorically denies the accusations of Der Spiegel magazine against Hezbollah,” the party said in the statement.

Hezbollah said that the magazine “is morally and legally responsible for the false fabrications it issued against the party” and called on Der Spiegel’s management “not to be a cheap tool manipulated by the Zionist entity to cover up for its crimes in Lebanon and Palestine.”

The party also called on the magazine “to be a true reflection of reality that reveals the injustice suffered by the Lebanese and Palestinian people.”

The German magazine reported on Saturday that German investigators are probing Hezbollah’s alleged cocaine smuggling in Europe and the transfer of the profits to Lebanon via Frankfurt airport.



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