Jumblatt: An Israeli unity government means war on Lebanon


Progressive Socialist party leader  MP Walid Jumblatt told al-Akhbar newspaper that he  has no confirmed information about a possible  Israeli war on Lebanon.”There is no confirmed information about the possibility of an Israeli war on Lebanon soon, but analysis leads to this conclusion,” Jumblatt said.

Jumblatt  pointed out  that  Arab-Israeli Knesset member Saeed Naffaa, whom he met recently  in Cyprus has informed him that Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is seeking to form a national unity government that will include Kadima party.

“If this happened, it means he (Netanyahu) intends to launch a new war on Lebanon,” Jumblatt concluded

Israeli DM Ehud Barak  told Israeli radio that Israel will be ready for war by May2010 and warned that Lebanese infrastructure will be targeted if Hezbollah attacks Israel