Report: Lebanon under pressure by Hezbollah to reject Ghajar deal


According to Jerusalem Post , the Lebanese government is under pressure from Hezbollah not to provide any kind of commitments that would allow a UNIFIL plan on Israeli withdrawal from Ghajar to be put into practice.

Lebanon “fears” that the plan’s adoption would be seen as giving Israel legitimacy, according to the newspaper.

“The talks, therefore, are solely between Israel and UNIFIL, with Lebanon unwilling to participate even indirectly,” the Israeli daily said. “The negotiations with UNIFIL are over what security arrangements and commitments UNIFIL – not the Lebanese – will provide.”

According to Isareli Ministry of Foreign Affairs the second round of talks between Israel and UNIFIL concerning Ghajar village have ended Thursday

“Israel clarified that it is committed to continue its attempts to reach an agreement concerning Ghajar village within the framework of UN Security Council resolution 1701” a ministry statement said.

The northern part of Ghajar was occupied by Israel during the 2006 war with Hezbollah



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