Israel to withdraws from Ghajar by end January 2010


According to An Nahar Israel will withdraw from the Lebanese side (northern part) of the border village of Ghajar by the end of January 2010 based on a deal between UNIFIL and Israel.

Lebanon has reportedly informed the U.N. about its acceptance of the deal , but UNIFIL is still waiting for the Israeli official response.

The deal stipulates that the residents move between the northern and southern sides of the village without any difficulties.

The residents of Ghajar a protested earlier this month over news that Israeli troops planned to withdraw from the northern part of the village which Israel occupied during the 2006 war with Hezbollah

“They will divide our people, cut families in two,” the villagers chanted.

Secretary for the town council Hussein Khatib insisted that Ghajar residents have no connection with Lebanon. “We would be like refugees in Lebanon,” Khatib said.



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