Israel to distribute gas masks to population


According to Bio Prep Watch (BPW) a newswire dedicated to coverage of biological terror threats , “Israel will begin distributing to its entire population gas masks in two months, though no reason has officially been given by the Israeli government.”

BPW added :”No indication or threat has been made against Israel from any country that an attack is planned. No country in the Middle East is believed to be likely to engage in chemical or biological warfare with Israel, either.”

BPW added “The gas mask distribution has, however, raised questions as to Israel’s potential plans to launch an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Such an attack could cause an unconventional response from Iran. Iran’s chemical and biological weapons capabilities are currently not known.”

BPW says that there are rumors that Israel is preparing for a war to rein in Hezbollah in Lebanon.

According to BPW only Israel has chemical weapons in the entire Middle East