Lebanon’s Hamas chief confirms the death of 2 members


Lebanon’s Hamas chief , Ousama Hamdan confirmed during a press conference that the movement’s members Basil Ahmed Jomaa 26 and Hassan Saeed Haddad 21, were killed on Saturday night in the bombing that targeted one of Hamas’ headquarters in Beirut Southern Suburbs.

Hamdan refused to accuse any party of killing its officials in the Haret Hraik explosion and called for waiting for investigation results before jumping to conclusions. He added: The movement does take into consideration that “Israel tracks its officials.”

Hamdan identified Jomaa as a security official and Haddad as a Hamas political representative.

Haret Hraik is a Hezbollah stronghold., Both Hezbollah and Hamas are backed by Iran. The explosion has reportedly occurred when Hezbollah security forces tried to dismantle the (15 KG TNT )bombs

Lebanese Military Judge Rahif Ramadan and the concerned security services examined Haret Hraik’s explosion site, according to state-run National News Agency NNA.



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