Beirut explosion: Mitri blames Hezbollah for security failures


Lebanon’s Information Minister Tarek Mitri told Voice of Lebanon radio station on Sunday, that the Lebanese security forces failed to carry out their most basic duties during the Haret Hraik explosion because they were not allowed near the scene of the incident by Hezbollah security forces “.

The explosion that targeted hamas resulted in 3 deaths and 6 injuries

Mitri added: “Security cannot be segregated and a security mission cannot be separated from another.”

Mitri stressed that Hezbollah “has translate words into action ” and added that Hezbollah officials always say that “they want the State to perform its duties, and that no area is restricted to its authority.”

“The credibility of all sides is at the stake and they( Hezbollah) have to honor their word ,” added Mitri.



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