Explosion killed 2, wounded 3, in Hezbollah Beirut stronghold- update 1


At least two people were killed and 3 were wounded late Saturday in a mysterious explosion that rocked Hezbollah’s stronghold in Haret Hraik a southern Beirut suburb , a security official told national news agency NNA.

Earlier NNA said the blast could have been aimed at Ali Baraka , an official of the Palestinian Hamas movement in Lebanon.

The blast was “the result of three bombs that were tied together and placed under a car whose owner is said to be a member of Hamas,” the agency said, adding that two members of Hezbollah were wounded in the explosion as they were trying to dismantle the bombs

According to NNA the explosion occurred in an alley in Harek Hreik, few yards away from a community center where Hezbollah was organizing a ceremony to commemorate the Shiite rituals of Ashura, on Sunday. Lebanese officials says Hezbollah security forces have sealed off the area of the explosion, making it difficult for reporters and photographers to determine the cause of the explosion

Hezbollah and Hamas are close allies and both are backed by Iran

Ali Baraka, a high ranking Hamas official is usually based in Damascus and it was not clear why he is now in Beirut

Update 1

According to An Nahar newspaper 3 were killed and 6 were injured in the blast last night . The explosion targeted a car of a Hamas official that was parked in a parking area near Bank Beirut and the Arab World on the main street that connects Bir el Sabah with Haret Hraik. Hezbollah sealed off the area and prevented the Lebanese security forces and the media from accessing the scene of the explosion



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