Nasrallah urges supporters not to tamper with electric, water meters


In a speech marking the seventh day of Ashura Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah that al “Dhahiyah has long been demanding the presence of the state “. He was responding to criticism by some politicians who claim that Hezbollah strongholds are not accessible to the state ”

Turning to the subject of water and electricity, he referred to the consensus of the clergy that it is not permissible to obtain these two sources of energy illegally , stressing that accessing the power lines illegally is not permissible religiously , same applies to the water.

He also warned against tampering with electric and water meters

It is a well known fact that bill collectors are scared of going to Hezbollah, Amal stronghold for fear for their lives, because many have been attacked or killed



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