Hezbollah, Syria want 1559 annulled, but Lebanon majority says no


Hezbollah official Ammar Moussawi said today that UNSCR 1559 is meaningless and wants it annulled because he said” It is being exploited in an effort to impose a trusteeship on Lebanon.”

But majority MP Ahmed Fatfat told Future TV: The Lebanese government cannot annul Resolution 1559 because the resolution does not only include Lebanese-Syrian relations, but other issues like weapons, meaning Hezbollah and armed Palestinians factions in Lebanon

Similarly March 14 General Secretariat Coordinator Fares Soueid told VDL: Any U.N. resolution can only be canceled by a decision of the Security Council itself. The Lebanese government is unable to annul U.N. Security Council 1559.

According to Al-Hayat newspaper, Syria put forth its request, since it considers the resolution has been implemented after it withdrew from Lebanon in April 2005.



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