Several factors delaying Hariri’s visit to Syria


There is a lot of speculation about the exact time of PM Saad Hariri’s visit to Damascus . The speculation has been fueled by many factors which are bound to delay his trip

Some of the delaying factors include:

The warrants issued by the Syrian court to key Lebanese officials. Most of these officials are very closely associated with PM Hariri

The death of president Bashar Al Assad’s brother Majd , who died and was buried yesterday

The Copenhagen summit which PM Hariri is expected to attend starting Tuesday

Lebanon First bloc MP Ziad al-Qaderi told the Voice of Lebanon radio station on Monday that Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s visit to Syria has yet to be scheduled.

“Some are trying to hinder Hariri’s visit to Syria. However, his visit to Damascus will take place soon,” he said.

Earlier today MP Ahmed Fatfat also said today: “There are certain domestic and regional parties that aim at hindering Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s expected visit to Damascus. ”