Aoun: Those who criticize FPM and threaten to resign are not FPMers


Free Patriotic Movement MP Michel Aoun said during his address to Antonine University student “When you hear some people are criticizing FPM in newspapers and threatening to resign, those are not FPMers, because in FPM there is no oath of allegiance but a belief, and those who lose the belief should leave FPM.”

Former Deputy Prime Minister and Aoun’s deputy Maj. Gen. Issam Abu Jamra accused Aoun of violating FPM’s rules of procedure by nominating two ministers from outside the Free Patriotic Movement, stressing that the rules of procedure were put forth by Aoun himself to prohibit that.

In an interview with Lebanon’s Al-Afkar weekly magazine, Abu Jamra said he conducted a “frankness” meeting with Aoun, but stressed that “the ball now is in Rabiyeh’s court.”

He reiterated his demand to hold a meeting for the founding committee of the FPM to discuss a vote of no confidence in appointing two ministers from outside the party.