Experts: Sleeper cells in Lebanon’s Palestinian Refugee camps


Despite the relative calm of Lebanon’s Palestinian refugee camps in recent months, experts warn that Islamist groups are still operating within and could strike at any time.

At Ain al-Helweh, the largest of Lebanon’s 12 camps, which is known to harbour extremists and fugitives, small sleeper cells have kept a low profile but could mobilize quickly depending on developments, they say.

“In theory, this is the sort of environment al-Qaida, for example, generally chooses for its sleeper cells, which could be used at any time,” said Hazem al-Amin, a journalist and expert on regional Islamist groups.

“And that is not a reassuring thought. It might not happen immediately, but it is always a possibility.”

His comments came as Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas discussed the plight of the refugees with Lebanese officials on Monday. Source: Times of India



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