White House blasts China, Russia for Syria veto in U.N.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said China and Russia “are on the wrong side of history” after the two countries earlier on Thursday vetoed a U.N. Security Council effort to press for tougher sanctions against the Bashar a-Assad’s regime in Syria.

Obama: Putin agrees to work U.S. on Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed Wednesday in a phone call with President Barack Obama to work with the United States to find a solution to the crisis in Syria, the White House said. But the Kremlin stressed that “differences” remain

The Syrian regime may be crumbling, Analysts

The explosion that killed three of Bashar Assad’s inner circle Wednesday eliminated the Syrian president’s top security team and, along with fighting in the capital, may indicate the regime is crumbling, Syria analysts say. “I think it could prove a decisive event,” said Paul Salem, director of the Carnegie Middle East Center. “In the last […]

Bomb kills Assad’s top military officials

A bomber killed three of Bashar al-Assad’s top military officials on Wednesday – including his powerful brother-in-law – in a devastating blow to the Syrian leader’s inner circle as rebels closed in vowing to “liberate” the capital.