Yemeni rebels release a captured Saudi soldier

Northern rebels in Yemen handed over a captured Saudi soldier to Yemeni government mediators, the latest sign that a six-year-old conflict is calming down. The Saudi Press Agency quoted Saudi ambassador to Yemen Ali al-Hamdan as saying the soldier was brought from the northern province of Saada, the rebel stronghold, to the embassy in San’a […]

Yemeni president announces ceasefire with Houthi rebels

The Yemeni authorities have announced a ceasefire with Shia rebels fighting government forces in the north. The truce is to start at midnight local time and comes after days of the government and rebels exchanging proposals on how to end the conflict. The government launched its latest offensive against the rebels, known as Houthis, last […]

Yemen asks Shi’ite rebels to implement truce to end war

Yemen has given Shi’ite rebels a timetable for implementing the government’s ceasefire terms, a Yemeni presidential adviser said on Saturday, in an attempt to end one of three conflicts besetting the country. The schedule was addressed to Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, leader of the rebellion in the north of Yemen which also faces a secessionist movement in […]

Yemen rejects cease-fire offer, fighting continues

Yemen rejected a ceasefire offer from Shi’ite rebels on Sunday and said fighting was continuing, as neighboring Saudi Arabia accused the insurgents of mounting sniper attacks inside its territory. The conflict with the northern rebels, who complain of social, religious and economic discrimination in the southern Arabian state, has rumbled on since 2004, but intensified […]

Yemen , Saudi Arabia fight Houthi rebels

Saudi Arabia, Yemen’s neighbor to the north, has launched its own operations against the Houthis. And Yemen accuses Iran of supporting the rebels. “If there was no support for the Al Houthis from the Iranian religious figures, the conflict would have not taken this long,” said Yemen’s Minister of Information, Hassan al-Lozy. “The Iranian government’s […]

Yemeni FM: Iran must stop aiding Houthi rebels

Yemeni Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Kurbi on Sunday urged Tehran to crack down on Iranian groups he accused of aiding Houthi rebels in northern Yemen and held Iran’s government partly to blame. “Religious (Shiite) circles and groups in Iran are providing aid to the Houthis ,” he told a press conference in Kuwait City “Although […]

Saudi troops launch an attack to retake a village held by Shiite Yemeni rebels

Saudi troops backed by tanks and helicopter gunships launched an attack Sunday to retake a border village held by Shiite Yemeni rebels, a Saudi military official said. He said the operation targeted the southwestern village of al-Jabiri some 600 miles (966 kilometres) from the Saudi capital Riyadh. The official gave no further details on the […]

Iranians and Saudis fighting a proxy war in Yemen

The military of Saudi Arabia should turn its weapons on Israel rather than take on Shiite rebels battling the Yemeni government, Iranian officials said. Ali Larijani, the speaker of the Iranian Parliament, weighed in on the Saudi military incursion into Yemen aimed at al-Houthi rebels, saying Riyadh should aim its arsenal on Israel instead, state-broadcaster […]