Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov shot dead in Ankara, Update

A gunman attacked Andrei Karlov, Russia’s ambassador to Turkey, in the capital of Ankara on Monday. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a statement he was hospitalized with a gunshot wound. She added that the ministry would soon comment on “the attack on the Russian ambassador in Turkey” Private NTV news channel reports […]

Assad compares “liberation of Aleppo” to the birth of Jesus Christ, Muhammad’s revelations

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said on Thursday the world would be different after what he called the “liberation of Aleppo”, describing it as a historic moment. “What is happening today is the writing of a history written by every Syrian citizen. The writing did not start today, it started six years ago when the crisis […]

Campaign repeals Lebanon’s rape law but there’s a long way to go

By: Yara al-Wazir Sometimes people need to die in the process of their protest in order to make change happen, other times, strong research and simple silent protests over a prolonged period of time are what it takes for action to happen. The Lebanese government’s response to the protests against Article 522, which absolves rapists […]

Videos Show Airstrikes Hitting Aleppo Hospitals

Footage obtained by The Associated Press shows the moment a children’s hospital in northern Syria was hit by an airstrike. The exclusive CCTV video shows the interior and exterior of the pediatric facility in rebel-held eastern Aleppo, as it was hit by the bomb on Friday. The Syrian government has stepped up its bombardment of […]

Trump protests surge across America

PORTLAND, Ore. — Another night of nationwide protests against Donald Trump’s election came to a head in Portland, where thousands marched and some smashed store windows, lit firecrackers and sparked a dumpster blaze. Police termed the protest a riot and used “less lethal munitions” to help clear the streets. Some 4,000 protesters surged into the […]

Afghan Taliban use drone to film suicide attack

The Afghan Taliban have released aerial footage of a suicide car bombing in southern Helmand province, marking the first time the media-savvy militant group has used a drone to record an attack. The 23-minute video shows a suicide bomber ramming a Humvee into a military base in volatile Nawa district, triggering a mushroom cloud of […]

Samsung halts production of Galaxy Note 7, tells consumers to stop using it

Samsung Electronics Co.’s recall of one of its most advanced smartphones descended further into confusion, as the technology giant told consumers to stop using the Galaxy Note 7 and halted its production and distribution, while investigators probed reports of overheating batteries on devices that were supposed to be safe. The company late on Monday U.S. […]