Aoun rejects granting LF ‘sovereign portfolio’, Deputy PM post


aoun geagea 100President Michel Aoun has reportedly  rejected granting the Lebanese Forces a  key  ministerial portfolio ( so-called sovereign ministry )  or the position of deputy premier  in the new government, Lebanese  media reported.

The so called sovereign  ministries include the ministry  of interior, finance, defense and foreign affairs.

The leader of the Lebanese Forces , Samir Geagea was the main force behind the election of Aoun as a president in 2016

The Lebanese forces was the biggest winner in the May parliamentary election . It nearly doubled its number of parliament seats from 8 to 15 .

Aoun is also reportedly trying to use his influence by granting his ally MP Talal Arslan a ministerial post  even though he won his post because PSP chief Walid Jumblatt helped him get elected by leaving an open slot for him in his electoral list . If Arslan get a post it will be taken away from PSP’s share of 3  posts