World Should Share Burden of Hosting Displaced Syrians, says President Aoun

aounLebanese President Michel Aoun reiterated his call on the international community to share the burden of Syrian refugees and work on their return to safe areas in their home country.

The president’s comments on Friday came during a meeting with the Executive Director of UNICEF Henrietta Fore at Baabda Palace, which was also attended by UNICEF’s Lebanon Representative Tanya Chapuisat.

Aoun said the international community should take part in carrying the burden of Lebanon’s refugee crisis and work on “limiting” their hardships by facilitating their “gradual” return to so-called safe zones in Syria, especially areas that have not been witnessing armed clashes.

Syrian children who were born in Lebanon since the start of the civil war in their country in 2011 are living in difficult health, educational and social conditions, despite the care granted to them and their parents by the Lebanese authorities, he told his visitors.

Aoun said that such support has taken a toll on Lebanese infrastructure, health facilities and educational institutions, diminishing Lebanon’s ability to support Lebanese children.

This hardship has also reflected on Lebanese university graduates, who have been struggling to find jobs due to an excess of Syrian labor, which he said has increased unemployment rates among Lebanon’s youth.

In response, Fore affirmed that UNICEF will “defend” the country’s rights, especially considering the role it has been playing in hosting and supporting refugees.

“This generous Lebanese hospitality deserves broad international support, and this is what will be emphasized at the Brussels conference,” Fore said.

The upcoming international donor conference in Brussels is set to focus on support for Syrian refugees in the region.

ASharq Al awsat

  • Y K

    One of the few sensible utterances out of the mouth of this cretinous wannabe Napoleon.

    • Hind Abyad

      Wannabe exceedingly original doesn’t apply to you since you’ve never been educated in the first place.

  • Danny Farah

    Sure thing.. Send the refugees to Israel and since they treat Al Qaeda and Daesh terrorists they can take care of the refugees as well. Besides that would be a payback to Israel for sending us hundreds of thousands of PLO.
    It’s only fair..

    • Niemals

      Payback to Israel for sending us(?) hundreds of thousands of PLO?

      I got the impression that you are living in USA, so now you mixing it for me, is it Lebanon or the United States?

      • Danny Farah

        I am in the US in Orange County. But I lived several years in the war and before the PLO we were fine. But Israel kept dumping palestinians into the South. I am not sure who forced Lebanon to accept them but we definitely did not have a choice. So If Israel can treat Daesh and Al Qaeda fighters then take some refugees if you are serious about helping. Or is the Israeli intentions to create a protection belt in the Golan Heights so when Syrian and Iranian proxies try to attack that area. Israel has the first line of defense. It’s Ironic that lots of countries in the world are fighting Daesh and Al Qaeda and Taliban except Israel. It’s also Ironic that none of these groups have attacked jewish temples, consulates and anything to do with Israel. Even these groups are killing Egyptian armies and other muslims yet we don’t hear any attacks against IDF.. What do i know.. Lol

        • Niemals

          As far as I remember ‘Black September’ was the conflict fought in Jordan between the Jordanian Armed Forces, under the leadership of King Hussein, and the PLO, primarily between 16 and 27 September 1970.

          The result: PLO driven out to Lebanon.
          Jordan allowed the fedayeen to leave for Lebanon via Syria, and they later became a combatant in the 1975 Lebanese Civil War.

          So much for your attempt to claim “I am not sure who forced Lebanon to accept them but we definitely did not have a choice.”????

          Now you try to do the same with Daesh and Al Qaeda.

          You don’t seem to have a center that can be called home, living in the US in Orange County, but still involving Israel as a country that aren’t fighting Daesh and Al Qaeda and Taliban.

          As far as I know Israel have enough problems by keeping the occupation of the West Bank.
          They don’t sends any troops to Afghanistan or Syria as your government do.

          It’s seems that you would like to see these groups to attacked jewish temples, consulates and anything to do with Israel.
          You sound like a fifth column in the USA, your loyalty is not with you country.

          • Danny Farah

            The Plo thought they could take over Jordan since it already had the majority of Palestinians next to palestine. In Lebanon Henry Kissinger visited Yasser Arafat in 1975 I believe. That time no US officials were allowed to meet any PLO reps. after the mother fucker left and may he rot in hell. three months later the PLO started instigating problems in Lebanon. Israel could not succeed in Jordan to have it replaced by a palestinian statehood so the Kissinger plan was to have the same thing. Israel been playing with fires and they have not learned from the Haulacost.. Instead of being humble and understanding they were controlling and manipulating. Israel will never live in Peace as long it keeps this up no matter how big its nuclear arsenal and its patriots and its cockiness will lead them to self destruction.

          • Hind Abyad

            They will never change, no humanoids anymore

          • Niemals

            That was new “Israel been playing with fires and they have not learned from the Haulacost.. ” ????…..
            Apparently you have problems to diversify between Jews and Israel – believe me the Jews have learned the meaning of a Holocaust.

            Israel was never a victim of a Holocaust.

          • Y K

            More semi-literal, conspiracy-mongering nonsense. Sadly, with the majority of its “Christians” resembling you, Cannibal and Bumbyad, Lebanon is pretty much guaranteed to remain another Arab shithole forever.

        • Y K

          “But I lived several years in the war and before the PLO we were fine. But Israel kept dumping palestinians into the South.” (sic)

          More classic Arab/Lebanese nonsensical, self-contradictory stupidity, Dumbyad-style. Yes, Farah, it’s all the Jews’ fault! 🙂

    • Niemals

      Don’t you think that Israel having enough problems with the African refugees?

      Did you ever asked yourself, how come that the African refugees coming to Israel, not to Jordan, Lebanon or Egypt?

      • Danny Farah

        So why is Israel so busy taking care of Daesh and Al Qaeda fighters? what is their business taking care of bloodsuckers who are killing Christians and other minorities? how dare you take care of them? you are busy fueling fires around the middle East.

        • Niemals

          Judging by your question “how dare you take care of them?”, you must assume that I am an Israeli (Jew) or a Zionist.
          So your “you are busy fueling fires around the middle East.” does not include me.

          Perhaps you prefer to hear Israelis saying; how dare you take care of the Palestinians?

          This is exactly the kind of video you will not see on CNN, BBC, MSNBC and many other mainstream news outlets.
          You probably don’t like that despite the Israeli-Arab conflict, a Palestinian newspaper (Al-Hayat al-Jadida) has recognized how Israel’s Hadassah Medical Center has helped the Palestinian people.

          “Heart for Peace”, a non-political mixed team of Israeli and Arab cardiologists at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, has saved the lives of over 610 Palestinian children since 2005.

          The truth is that this is just one of many things Israel does for its Arab population, both saving and improving lives.

      • Hind Abyad

        Because of Euro Coudenhove Kalerji Plan white Genocide.
        Why not go take care of your country instead of parasitisme on YaLibnan?

    • Hannibal


    • Y K

      Talk is cheap, so try and send them. I bet the toilet startup CEO would volunteer to help. 🙂

  • Niemals

    Michel Aoun allowed Hezbollah’s participation in the Syrian civil war that created the huge amount of displaced Syrian refugees.

    Now this Maronite Christian (the crater of the Free Patriotic Movement – includes a small number of Shia Muslims….) is very patriotic, with the “World Should Share Burden of Hosting Displaced Syrians, says President Aoun”, what a joke!

  • Niemals

    Thousand of those (refugees?) are coming to us (and the rest of Europe) and behaving like trash they are.
    In 2016, refugee Hussein K. raped a student in Freiburg and killed her.
    He was now sentenced to life imprisonment.
    Age and origin of the young man are still unclear. But there is no doubt about his creed.

    Additional information about this Hussein K.
    “After an attempted homicide against a 20-year-old man in Corfu and rape and murder in 19 February in Afghanistan, Afghan Hussein K., whose release from the Greek authorities by the Paraskevopoulos law has provoked strong reactions in Germany, is also suspected of a second murder.” It is highly suspected that he managed to produce himself as a unaccompanied minor.
    The murderer of Freiburg has already been criminally conspicuous in Greece three years ago.
    Nevertheless, the Afghane managed to escape to Germany – under still unexplained circumstances.
    How many “Maple leaf born, Cedar bred.” are in Canada?