Kurds in Lebanon protest against Turkey

Kurds living in Lebanon    protest against  Turkey's ongoing military operation in northern Syria's Kurdish-controlled Afrin region.  Poster of Erdogan reads : Killer of children
Kurds living in Lebanon protest against Turkey’s ongoing military operation in northern Syria’s Kurdish-controlled Afrin region. Poster of Erdogan reads : Killer of children

Hundreds of Kurds living in Lebanon have gathered outside the Turkish embassy in Lebanon to protest Turkey’s ongoing military operation in northern Syria’s Kurdish-controlled Afrin region.

Protesters carrying Kurdish flags chanted slogans on Friday denouncing Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, including: “Down with Erdogan!”

Lebanese policemen deployed around the embassy and erected barbed-wire barriers to prevent protesters from approaching.

“All the Kurds here in Lebanon are supporting Afrin and saying long live the resistance of Afrin,” said protester Hanan Osman.

anti turkish protest by Kurds in Lebanon
Kurds living in Lebanon protest against Turkey’s ongoing military operation in northern Syria’s Kurdish-controlled Afrin region.
  • Danny Farah

    Erdogan is all in favor and advocating autonomy for the Palestinian people and rightfully so. But why can’t he accept one for the Kurds and get this monkey behind him. But no Turkey wants to control everything like the old days. Turkey should be kicked out of Nato and western aids should be stopped once and for all. I am not sure why the US and the west hanging on to this dictator anyway. Turkey changes sides faster than Walid Jumblatt. Lol

    • Niemals

      US and other NATO member states have a problem, Turkey have the second biggest military force in NATO, that is why Turkey is still a NATO member…. very embarrassing.

      The NATO partner Turkey has been buying German “Leopard” tanks, 751 pieces have been delivered to Turkey, almost half of them are of the much more modern type “Leopard 2 A4”, which were delivered between 2006 and 2011.

      It is alarming fact that Turkey has more battle tanks than the Bundeswehr.

      • vs

        battles will not be with tanks but with drones. tank is good target for drone

        • Niemals

          It seems that you don’t understand that we aren’t allowed to deliver arms to countries involved in war, which is the case with Turkey that are using the Leopard 2 A4 in the offensive against the Kurds.

          The NATO partner Turkey is breaking the terms and conditions of delivery of German military equipment.

          The same applies for the not allowed delivery of military equipment to the Saudi Arabia that are practicing war with Yemen.

          • vs

            Kurds must be equiped with fighting drones may be instead of tanks, may be You can understand in this way

          • Niemals

            I’m not practicing any delivering of military equipment. ⚠️

          • vs

            also me, but we are together wish success to Kurds
            and not to Errordogan

      • Danny Farah

        Yes I know and now Turkey is complaining the old Leopard Tanks need to be upgraded and they are holding Germans as hostages and trying to force Germany to upgrade them. Turkey need to be starved and Erdogan needs to heal and let them go to Russia for all we care.

        • Niemals

          You know NOTHING on the subject!

          What a joke fabricating your own ‘facts’ about Turkeys NATO membership.

          Turkey is NOT and cannot be complaining about any old Leopard Tanks!
          Turkey have the latest and largest numbers of those Leopard Tanks in NATO.

          You have no knowledge of Turkey’s role in NATO, nor what NATO have as codex.

          The NATO partner Turkey is breaking the terms and conditions of delivery of German military equipment.

          • Danny Farah

            I read the article this morning and unless the article is fabricated then either way I am not fabricating anything. I read news like you do and I am only reporting what they said. you are being narrow minded here and somehow you are suddenly you think you are the wikipedia about Turkey and Nato.

          • Niemals

            The article you are referring to was written by ?? in which news outlet?

            Turkey using German-made tanks in cross-border assault criticized as illegal by German lawmakers!

            German government under fire over Leopard tanks in Syria
            Germany’s government has faced a slew of criticism over German-made tanks that Turkey deployed in its push into Syria. Some politicians have called for an immediate halt to arms exports to Turkey and nixing a key deal.

            “With Turkey’s actions [in Syria], we are at the point where we have to say ‘stop’ — this is no longer a war we should play any part in,” Stefan Liebich, an MP from the Left Party, told DW. He called on Germany to halt all exports to Ankara and end its involvement in Syria.

            Turkey has bought more than 750 German tanks since the 1980s.

            Agnieszka Brugger, a lawmaker and defense expert for Germany’s Green Party, said, “the German government must not look away again and needs to clearly state its position on the Turkish military offensive against Kurds in Syria.”

            She also slammed Berlin’s manner of dealing with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, saying that the course set by Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel was a “disastrous failure.”

            “An immediate halt to all arms exports to Turkey is long overdue,” Brugger told the Heilbronner Stimme newspaper.

          • Danny Farah

            Here is the article link
            Germany’s Leopard 2 Tank Was Considered One of the Best (Until It Went to Syria)

          • Hind Abyad

            Good article..

          • Niemals

            The core issue is not what this blog regards as “Germany’s Leopard 2 tank is considered one of the best (until it went to Syria)”. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e3e9f0a660c7b15591c79ca708b2db2120f4e094550e81d8988df26e8a3e6645.jpg The Natl Interest’s favorite subject – weapons and military equipment

            It’s not about a rating or performance for Leopard 2 “(considered one of the best (until it went to Syria)” … it’s about the core issue that Turkey abused NATO rules, as well as the terms of delivery of Germany’s Leopard 2 tank that prohibits being sold / used by countries in war.
            In the debate about arms deals with Turkey, a pervasive detail emerges (SPIEGEL), the German government approved in October 2017 the modernization of Turkish tanks from US production.

            In the light of the discussion surrounding the use of German-made Leopard tanks during the Turkish offensive in northern Syria, the German government put an end to all arms deals with Turkey on Thursday.

            This includes a request from Turkey, in addition to the US tanks and Leopard tanks from German production with a similar protection system to equip.

            Kanzlerin Merkel and Foreign Minister Gabriel have previously agreed that only a new government should decide on any new projects with Turkey.

            In such serious subjects, I never pay attention to any blogs (especially american), https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0df439797df994e4d683d64874aab99ce49c49dc80448b5324c5179150dd1ea3.jpg only to the original source, which in this case is the Bundesregierung.

            This National Interest is a joke. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2a3e22a48cd2970bd734bff930b204dae9ad8a90a682dcdbeccde92d970d6b95.jpg How do you rate: National Interest?

          • Niemals

            Yes I’m the Wikipedia about Turkey and Nato, and you are parroting Hind Abyad.

            Turkey has given confirmation that its troops have been using Leopard 2 tanks supplied by Germany during their offensive against Kurdish fighters in the Syrian border region of Afrin, according to a report from the German Ministry for Economic Affairs sent to parliamentarians in Berlin.

            The confirmation comes amid a heated debate on German arms exports to crisis regions. (dpa, Reuters, AFP)

    • Hind Abyad

      The Walid Jumblat line made laugh, you nailed it ;-))…

      • Y K

        “I am not sure why the US and the west hanging on to this dictator anyway.”

        Take a wild guess. I bet it’s all the Joos’ fault. Or maybe just the fear of 80-plus million armed-to-the-teeth Muslims on Europe’s borders.

    • Niemals

      Turkey is using the German-made “Leopard” tanks in cross-border assault and it is criticized as illegal by German lawmakers.

      ‘Turkey supports anything that harms the Kurds’ according to SOHR.
      Rami Abdel Rahman, who runs the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, sees a multifaceted conflict filled with murky alliances.

      DW; And who is fighting on the Turkish side?

      Rami Abdel Rahman; Mainly Arabic and Turkmen FSA fighters from Aleppo, Idlib and Deir el-Zour. There are claims that the Nusra Front has joined the campaign against the YPG. But that’s not true. According to our information, claims that Chechen forces have joined the Turkish side are also false. So far, only Syrians are fighting alongside the Turkish army.

  • Niemals

    The Turkish government detained all the senior members of the country’s biggest medial association on Tuesday, following a statement from the group criticizing Turkey’s military offensive against Kurdish fighters in Syria.

    “War is a man-made public health problem,” read the statement from the Turkish Medical Association (TTB), which represents 80 percent of the country’s doctors.

    “No to war, peace right now.”
    President Erdoğan called the doctors “terrorist lovers.”

  • Hind Abyad

    ‘BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:50 A.M.) – Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim met with his Lebanese counterpart Saad Hariri in Ankara, today, to discuss a number of topics, including their bilateral relations and ways to activate economic and trade relations between the two countries.’

    • Y K

      What’s that idiotic obsession you have with changing your avatar all the time? Are you ashamed of yourself? Well, I’d be the last person to argue you got no point here. 🙂