Yemen’s President urges Yemenis to unite against the Iranian-backed Houthi militia

PRESIDENT Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi
PRESIDENT Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi

Yemen’s President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi has urged Yemenis to unity against the country’s Shiite Houthi rebels, describing them as “Iranian militias” and a “nightmare.” embattled

Hadi, who has been self-imposed exile in Riyadh in recent past years, delivered his televised speech hours after the Houthis killed their onetime ally, former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Saleh’s forces and Houthis joined ranks in 2014 against Hadi’s government, forcing him to seek military intervention by his Gulf neighbors. When the Saleh-Houthi alliance began to unravel, Hadi offered the opportunity of a fresh start in relations with Saleh, days before his death.

“Yemen is passing through a decisive turning point that needs our unity and steadfastness in the face of these sectarian militias,” Hadi said, referring to the Houthis.

He offered condolences for the death of Saleh, describing him and others who were killed in the past days of clashes as “martyrs.”

“Let’s put our hands together to end this nightmare,” said Hadi, who succeeded Saleh in 2012. He added that government forces would support an “uprising” against the Houthis in Sanaa.


  • Rascal

    Houthi are done for. Saleh lead the second largest tribe in Yemen and now they will also be fighting the Iranian Houthi with the Arab coalition. But if you read any Iranian news, they put their full support behind these Houthi animals that attempted to take Yemen. Iran always supports the worst of the worst in destroying other countries.

    Maybe the Sauds should give some missiles to Pakistani militants to fire at Iran, it is very much the same as what Iran has been doing to Gulf countries.

    • Y K

      “Houthi(s) are done for.”

      Well, we can hope, but past experience teaches us that barbarians of different flavors tend to show surprising vitality.

  • Niemals

    Truth is always moving up.
    It is an embarrassing muddle for Iran when US present ‘proof’ missile fired at Saudi Arabia was ‘made in Iran’ © FRANCE 24 screen grab

    US presented pieces of what it said is the missile fired at Saudi Arabia by Houthi militia in Yemen, describing it as conclusive evidence of Iran involvement and its violation of UN resolutions.

    Judging of Hinds latest twitter, she is very pissed off today – this old hag digging in the past as usually…..