Lebanon is occupied and we are living under Hezbollah’s tutelage, Gemayel declares

sami_gemayelMP Sami Gemayel who heads up the phalange party declared Wednesday that “Lebanon is occupied” and that the Lebanese “are living under Hezbollah’s tutelage.”

“Stability should be accompanied by sovereignty, freedom and real democracy, and unfortunately they are asking us today to choose between freedom and stability in the vein of the Syrian era,” Gemayel said in an interview on Future TV.

“We are living under Hezbollah’s tutelage over Lebanon and a local party does not have the right to impose its agenda on all Lebanese,” he added.

Stability yes tutelage no

Commenting on calls for stability that followed Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s shock resignation from Riyadh, Gemayel said: “We all want stability but it should not be an excuse to force Lebanese to live under tutelage.”

“We have not forgotten what happened on May 7, (2008) when (Hezbollah’s) weapons were used domestically. The weapons are put on the table and may be used at any given moment,” Gemayel added.

“Lebanon is occupied, the state’s decision is hijacked and the Lebanese are not the masters of their fate. The presidential vote was the best example,” he went on to say.

As for Hariri’s unusual resignation from Saudi Arabia, which he reversed last week, Gemayel said he “did not like the manner in which Hariri resigned from outside the country.”

“Hariri is apparently clinging to the settlement and this is something I’m still against,” he added.

“Our problem with the settlement is that it is a settlement based on interests, not a vision for the country,” he explained.

Gemayel has been consistent in his criticism of Hezbollah’s role in Syrian civil war ever since the Iranian backed militant group joined forces with Syria’s dictator Bashar al Assad in 2013.

He blamed Hezbollah for the presence of takfiris in Lebanon.
“What is going on is totally different from what ( Hezbollah chief Hassan ) Nasrallah said. He claims he is preventing takfiris from reaching Lebanon, but in reality he has brought them into Lebanon. The only suicide bombings in Lebanon were when they ( Hezbollah ) attacked the US Embassy” ( in 1983) , Gemayel was quoted as saying in November 26, 2013 in Bekfaya. He was commenting on a suicide bombing that targeted Hezbollah in Dhahih

Hariri had said Monday that he would resign if Hezbollah refuses to accept a new power-sharing arrangement for Lebanon.

Hariri has demanded that Hezbollah should remove itself from regional conflicts, from Syria to Iraq and Bahrain and Yemen. Hezbollah denies playing a military role in Yemen but has fighters in both Iraq and Syria.

President Aoun said Wednesday in an interview that PM Hariri will remain as the premier because “the crisis is behind us now”.

  • Rascal

    Brave, considering the current attitudes of appeasement. Watch you back Gemayel. Hezb/Iran have killed for less.

  • Danny Farah

    Be careful when your father get a visit from Walid Muallem to give him the warning just like he did before they killed your brother Pierre. Hezbollah will not have a mercy on you and will shoot in the face just like they did to Pierre. Also SSNP were involved in the killing so beware of these traitors. But I command you as well for standing up to the Lebanese. Wait some jackasses here will accuse you of being KSA sympathizers since their defense motto.

    • Hind Abyad

      Danny help pic your theory who killed Pierre Gemayel.

      “This theory comes directly from the feudal village of the Frangieh clan in north Lebanon. It resumes
      to blood and vengeance following the June 13 1978 military attack by the Phalangists on Ehden that
      led to the death of Tony S.Frangieh, his wife and daughter.

      That created a total dissociation of Al-Marada party from the National Front that included all Christian
      forces of that time. But more importantly, a vendetta was set between the clans of Frangieh-Gemayel
      that would last for centuries until the 3 versus 3 is accomplished ”

      “10 Years Later, Who Killed Pierre Gemayel?”

      PS. Doesn’t include Camile Chamoun family.

      • master09


        • Hind Abyad

          About what happened in 2006, complicated, as you see..

      • Danny Farah

        Hind I appreciate you trying to explain it and putting out the link. But many sources pointing at Syria and SSNP who killed him. If Franjieh Clan want to kill him they would kill Bashir Son Nadim not Pierre. There were several meetings between the Elder Franjieh with Amin Gemayel and Amin begged for forgiveness. Syria Mullem visited Amin Gemayel and you can always count on Mullem to issue threats before executions. I think they do like Amin because he was more controlled than his son. Pierre was going wild not that I disagreed with him but he was going full blown against Syria Assad on daily basis. Hardouni who is the head of the SSNP assassins would do anything for Syria and money for sure. At one time during Pierre Funeral and later a memorial for him the SSNP were attending it. they were attacked by phalangists who were strictly blaming them for the assassination. I have never heard and/or read that the theory could be Franjieh clan behind it.
        I know Franjieh wanted vengeance and i know they will not stop until they are satisfied but after the elder Franjieh and Amin reconciliation I would highly doubt that Suleiman Jr will order such killing.
        As far as Islamist possibly behind it, then the Lebanese gov’t needs to prove it since they were so capable of finding any attacks on Hezbollah and it was like so prompt. Yet years later the LAF and Hezbollah have not found one single person who assasinated March 14th figures. How is that possible Hind?

  • master09

    No nothing you say is true, HA are our resistance leave them alone. If they want to hold Lebanon hostage and let Iran do as they please, what’s wrong with that.

    • Hind Abyad

      Hi, what a funny post;-) happy to see you

    • Niemals

      “what’s wrong with that.”?
      “Your resistance” to what?

      I’m not a Lebanese, still I trust this MP Sami Gemayel Wednesdays declaration that “Lebanon is occupied” and that the Lebanese “are living under Hezbollah’s tutelage.”

      • master09

        I’m been sarcastic, really.

        • Niemals

          When it comes to Hezbollah’s roll in Lebanon, I have problems to be sarcastic.

          Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I encounter a very militant type (an arab or Lebanese, cant tell) who claimed to be a warm supporter of the “God Party”. ????????‍♂️

        • Niemals

          I cant be sarcastic after reading about a Lebanese (Ali), that is an Uber driver and Hezbollah fighter.
          His day job is driving an Uber.
          His other job is as a Hezbollah fighter.
          He fought in Syria, but says war has worn him out.

          Now he’s learning German to find work in a place away from conflict and his home in Beirut.

          More than 1,000 Hezbollah fighters have been killed in the Syrian war.

          It serves Hezbollah to downplay the casualties, so that the foot soldier is not discouraged and the group can ensure a continued supply of men to the front lines.

          Ali feels the rising death toll and exhaustion with war among fighters like him is the reason Nasrallah exercised restraint after the recent spat with Saudi Arabia.

          Will he remain a Hezbollah fighter when he comes to Germany?

  • Hind Abyad